Boat sale page for Songbird up!

That was a lot of photos and details to check. Hope I got it right.

Proofreading/feedback welcome. I know the photos aren't broker level, but at least they're honest 😁

And if you know someone who needs a good boat...

#CruisingLife #Boat #Sailing #ForSale

The visual difference that turning radius makes. The wide turning radius on the street allows cars to make faster turns and makes the crossing distance about 20 feet longer-- two things that make this side of the the intersection more dangerous for pedestrians to cross a busy road. The left side uses a small turning radius.

#BloomingtonIN #SafeStreets #VisionZero #UrbanPlanning

Silicon Valley strikes again with dehumanising products 

I can't believe it's not an April fools joke 🫠


When I Bookmark something, it's just for me.

When I Like something, it's just for me and the person who made the post.

When I boost something, it's because I want to share it with others.

There's no software in the background recording and evaluating my behavior so it can decide the best ads to show me, and what I should see or not see in my feed to increase my engagement.

It's pretty nice not being the product anymore and just enjoying the web again.

#Mastodon & #TwitterMigration FTW

LOL Verifier: a device that only lets you type lol if you’ve truly laughed out loud. Now Mastodon friendly.

Today I discovered Obsidian's vim mode. It makes you fill out a captcha to turn it on!

how many times am I going to have to prove I'm not a robot? I wonder if there's a way to automate it

No Stack Developer

A no stack developer criticizes the stack without understanding the stack. In addition to complaining, no stack developers engage in full rewrites, but don't finish them before quitting or getting fired, leaving an organization with no stack.

When I do performance consultation from now on I’m just going to tell people to turn off the 80% of code they wrote that doesn’t do anything useful.

Once you see how cars have radically changed our landscape, you cannot unsee it (but you can undo it).

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